About Custom Wine Cellars

With many wine storage styles available for wine enthusiasts, building a wine cellar can be a challenging task. The components of a wine room must be designed based on the aesthetic and functional needs of the owner. Hiring an expert will benefit you greatly. M&M Cellar Systems is a top-notch custom wine cellar builder in California.

A Master Builder can Create a Beautiful and Efficient Custom Wine Cellar Design for You


Traditional wine cellar looks elegant and sophisticated.

Serious wine collectors invest in a wine storage facility designed according to their unique requirements.

Hiring a master builder will ensure that wines are protected from harmful environmental factors.

Additionally, a wine storage expert can help their clients display wines in beautifully crafted wine racks.

A personalized wine storage system will enhance the beauty of the residential space. It will also help wine store owners attract the attention of potential customers, leading to high sales generation.

At M&M Cellar Systems, we design and build custom wine rooms for residential and commercial applications. In every phase of the construction, we are committed to providing wine storage solutions that suit our clients’ needs and expectations.

The members of our design team have creative minds and extensive experience helping us build traditional and modern custom wine cellars, for our clients in California and throughout the United States. We ensure that their precious collections are kept safe and displayed beautifully in refrigerated wine cellars.

We offer customization options, to create wine rooms designed with amazing features and functionalities. We manufacture wine racks made of wood, metal or a combination of these materials. We have a wide array of door and flooring styles.

We can make the walls more eye-catching, with mosaics, murals, painted tiles, or stained glass. We can also add accessories made from reclaimed wine barrels, to create unique wine displays.

We have installed many different types and sizes of wine cellars. We make sure that the right components are chosen, not only to store wine properly but also to display it with an appeal.

Wine Rack Design and Materials

One of the major factors that determine the overall appeal of a wine cellar is the design and material of the racking. Before starting construction, we create 3-dimensional drawings, to give our clients a clear overview of their dream wine cellars.

Stunning Display of Wines with Custom Wine Racks

traditional wooden wine racks

Beautiful Wine Rack Displays

Beautiful Wine Rack Displays

Wine racks built according to the size of your collection, the shape of your wine room, and your own lifestyle, will create impressive wine displays. At M&M Cellar Systems, we will assess all of your needs during the planning phase.

Careful assessment will help us bring your vision into reality. It will also help us manufacture custom wine racks that will display your favorite vintages beautifully.

The most common racking styles include individual bottle display, diamond bin, high reveal display, quarter round display, and wood case storage. Combining 3 or more of these racking configurations will enable you to showcase your wine bottles with sophistication.

Material and Stains

traditional custom wine cellar with custom-made arch

An impressive wine racking system designed by M&M Cellar Systems

Another benefit of going for a customized wine rack system is that you can choose the material that you want for your storage racks. We use wood, metal, glass, or a combination of these materials in manufacturing residential and commercial wine racks.

Our clients also have the option to choose between attractive stain colors, to go with the existing décor of their homes or retail spaces.

Custom Flooring

In designing a California custom wine cellar, the flooring should not be ignored. It can make or break the overall appeal of your wine room. It can also affect the environment in a cellar equipped with a wine cooling system.

At M&M Cellar Systems, we offer reclaimed wine barrel flooring, which is available in Stave, Infusion, and Cooperage varieties. Learn more about this type of custom wine cellar flooring.

Other materials that we use for wine cellar flooring are tile, slate, marble, and vinyl. Carpet is not recommended, because it triggers the growth of mold and mildew when placed in the damp conditions inherent in a cellar.

Doors for California Custom Wine Cellars

The entryway to the resting place of your collection is a vital component in wine cellar construction. It affects the storage conditions in the room and the final appearance of your wine cellar. It must be made from quality material and must be designed with creativity in mind.

We offer a variety of door options. You can opt for a classic wood door, a glass door, a Fontenay reclaimed wine barrel door or an ornate wrought iron entryway. We can also incorporate your own design, to add a personal touch to your door.

Wine Cooling Systems


Wine Refrigerations Systems California

If the right type of cooling system is installed in your wine cellar, the complex taste and aroma of wine can be enjoyed with your family and friends. We offer through the wall units, split systems, and self-contained systems.

Our line of cooling units is manufactured and tested by experts. The units are capable of monitoring and controlling both the temperature and humidity in wine cellars.

We offer WhisperKool, Breezaire, CellarPro, Wine Guardian, and Koolspace KoolR cooling systems. All of our refrigeration systems can preserve the quality of your wines. Great tasting wines create wonderful drinking experiences, thus, investing in a quality refrigeration system will be well worth it.

Let a Master Builder Design Your Dream Wine Room.

It is important, too, that your California custom wine cellar is designed with form and function. At M&M Cellar Systems, we care for your storage needs. We want to ensure that your precious vintages are stored safely. We also want your wine cellar to showcase your collection with elegance.