Why Regular Servicing of Your Wine Cellar Matters!

The refrigeration system installed in your wine cellar is the heart of the space. In the human body, the heart pumps the blood to keep all of the other organs functioning. In the same way, the cellar cooling unit provides the necessary temperature and humidity to keep the wines from going badIf the cooling equipment is functioning poorly – or worse, breaks down– the whole cellar will falter and the wine will be a loss.

So how do you keep the heart of your wine room healthy? 

The Love of Wine Requires a Commitment to the Entire Investment (Not Just the Wine!)

A true-blooded wine aficionado knows that it takes time and effort to gather a wine collection. You don’t just pick any wine in the supermarket. You take time to research and look for wines to add to your stock. Some collectors travel to different places around the world to find the best wines. A wine collection is an investment, no doubt.  

Anyone who wants to get into the art of wine collecting also knows that you can’t just start one without a proper storage structure in place. Some collectors might rent a commercial wine storage facility, while others would construct a cellar in their home. Residential wine cellars are always the better option for most collectors because they can easily access their favorite vintages anytime. Whether you store your collection commercially or in your home, providing that storage place for your wines is another investment. 

Wine cellars contain valuable and costly items. Preserve the value by servicing your wine cellar.

That’s two investments so far. Those who have been collecting for years know that there are more potential investments that come after that – like purchasing the best wine glasses, or additional cellar accessories. The list can be long! The point is – with all the investments involved with owning a wine collection, the regular maintenance and servicing of your wine cellar in Los Angeles must also be considered a “must have” item. In fact, put this on top of that list. Here’s why.

 “Servicing Your Wine Cellar” Isn’t Just A Catch Phrase!

Wine is a very distinct type of beverage. It requires very specific conditions for it not to spoil. Ideally, wines should be kept in a dark and humid place with a temperature level maintained within 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Fluctuations in the climate conditions are avoided at all costs because frequent changes in the humidity and temperature can cause premature aging of wines. No one wants to drink wines that taste like vinegar. 

The best type of storage structure for wines is a cellar built with a functional and dependable cooling unit. It’s important to know that this equipment is not like a regular air conditioning unit! It is built specifically to provide the ideal temperature and humidity for storing wines. Putting in the wrong type of cooling unit is where many wine cellars go wrong.

Wine cellar cooling systems, just like any refrigeration equipment, need proper servicing so that they can function efficiently and have a long operating life. A refrigeration system can malfunction because of various reasons, such as accumulated dirt, leaking pipes or manufacturing defects. In many cases these issues can be very subtle. You won’t notice that there’s a problem until the entire cooling unit breaks down. By then, the problem would be too expensive to fix and a replacement of the whole system would be the better option.

Taking a closer look, one of the key components of a system is the condenser coil, which is responsible for condensing the refrigerant and removing heat from the wine room. As it operates, the condenser will also attract dirt and grime, which in the long run will decrease the cooling unit’s capacity to cool the cellar. A dirty condenser is the most common issue among all wine cellar refrigeration systems. Without routine wine cellar maintenance and servicing in Los Angeles, dirty condenser coils will cause any number of problems. The major negative effect of a dirty or blocked condenser is the reduced overall efficiency of the equipment. The refrigeration unit will have to work ten times harder to achieve the same wine storage temperature and humidity. And the more strain your cooling system works under, the faster it wears down.

Sometimes cellar owners don’t stop to realize that if the efficiency of their system is diminished, the unit will also cost more money to operate. Why is this true? Since diminished efficiency means that the equipment must work harder, this equates to more electricity needed to operate the system. Consequently, you’ll have higher utility bills to pay!

Yup. Servicing your system is the only way to go.

Plan a Routine Servicing of Your Wine Cellar in Los Angeles 

Make the wise move of detecting any problems in your wine cellar early. Waiting until your system is past the point of no return doesn’t do anyone any good!

Keep in mind that some of the problems that are detected early may be covered under warranty. Take advantage of this so that you won’t have to be burdened with repair expenses that should have been shouldered by the unit’s warranty.

We know that you know this –  but wine can easily spoil when it is kept outside the ideal temperature and humidity for an extended period. Since your wines and your cellar are a fairly hefty investment – it makes all the sense in the world to protect your investments by having the cellar routinely checked out.

How Often Should I Have M&M Service My System?   

Your investment is priceless - servicing your wine cellar in Los Angeles matters!

Elligant wine racking is another investment in your wine cellar

Generally, wine cellar owners have their refrigeration systems serviced once a year. However, if equipment is in an area prone to dirt and debris, we highly recommend having your unit checked at least two times a year. On our first visit we can assess your cooling system and give you a reasonable recommendation on the timing.

We, at MM Cellar Systems offer high-quality wine cellar servicing and maintenance in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

Let us do the heavy lifting on your system.

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