VHS Series Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Los Angeles

VHS Series Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Are you looking for a wine cellar refrigeration system designed for installations involving long distances from the wine cellar? M&M Cellar Systems recommends US Cellar Systems’ VHS Series wine cooling units. Learn more about the features of these wine refrigeration systems. 

Vertical High Static (VHS) Wine Cellar Cooling Units by US Cellar Systems: Why Choose One 

Choosing the brand and model of wine cooling unit for your wine cellar should not be a difficult task. However, you must keep in mind that consulting an expert will help you determine the ideal climate control system for your needs.  

At M&M Cellar Systems, we do not use regular home air conditioning systems for cooling wine cellars. We know and understand the crucial role of installing a high-grade wine refrigeration system. We have been using the wine cooling products manufactured by US Cellar Systems. They are one of the most trusted HVAC experts and providers of wine refrigeration units. The Vertical High Static (VHS) Series wine cooling units offer many benefits to residential and commercial wine cellar owners, making these units widely known among builders, designers, installers, and contractors in Los Angeles. 

US Cellar Systems’ VHS Series Wine Cooling Systems Offers Powerful Performance and Installation Flexibility          

The Vertical High Static (VHS) Series wine refrigeration units are flexible when it comes to installation. They are designed to provide the optimum wine storage conditions in areas with medium to high-temperature. The evaporators are powerful enough to be installed up to 25 feet away from your wine cellar.  

The evaporators of US Cellar Systems’ VHS wine cooling systems are available in capacities from 1,800 to 20,000 BTUs per hour, and it must be used with an R134 refrigerant.  

Quiet Operation and No Visible Equipment in Your Wine Cellar 


Mounting Diagrams Vertical High-Static Series Custom Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Single Evaporator

Since the Vertical High Static wine refrigeration unit is a ducted system, the evaporator (the noisy component of a wine cooling system) is located outside the wine room. It means that you can expect your equipment to operate with minimal noise or no noise at all.  This ducted type wine cooling system allows the cooled air to be ducted into the wine cellar.      

Moreover, it provides an excellent option for wine cellar owners who do not want to see any equipment inside their wine room. It also frees up space, maximizing the storage capacity of your wine cellar.  

Available Options and Features  

Another advantage of the Vertical High Static Series wine cellar cooling systems is the various options available. These options help to increase the lifespan of your equipment by manufacturing it with commercial-grade components 

  • Copper or coated coils for coastal/special applications 
  • Stainless steel cabinets for high corrosive environments 
  • Secondary drain pan for elevated and sensitive installations 
  • Eco-friendly water-cooled condensing units available 
  • Industrial applications available 

Functional Features  

Condensing Unit Wiring Diagram Vertical Rack Mount (VHS) Series Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Single Evaporator

Condensing Unit Wiring Diagram Vertical Rack Mount (VHS) Series Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Single Evaporator

US Cellar Systems equipped all of their products with features in for it to perform with maximum efficiency and make wine collecting a hassle-free and enjoyable hobby.   

  • Thermally protected permanently lubricated motor 
  • An automatic expansion valve (standard) ensures constant coil temperature to promote “Humidity Balance. 
  • Pump-down solenoid valve (standard) protects the compressor in the event of leaks 
  • Pre-installed valves eliminate additional wiring to the thermostat 
  • Pressure tested by the manufacturer to ensure quality 
  • Occupies no space in the wine cellar 
  • No noise produced in the wine cellar 
  • Factory-wired for simple field installation 
  • Insulated rust-proof aluminum housing 
  • Provides static pressure for duct runs up to 25 ft 
  • ETL certified 

Installation of the VHS Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit 

VHS Coil Installation Diagram Vertical Rack Mount Series Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Single Evaporator

VHS Coil Installation Diagram Vertical Rack Mount Series Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Single Evaporator

Ease of installation is another factor that you must look for in a wine refrigeration unit. Other brands and types of wine cooling systems require an exhaust room where heat can be dissipated.   

  • Installation diagram shows the standard duct layout. The actual layout is to be determined by the installer. 
  • Ductwork should not exceed 50 feet in total length. 
  • For short duct length mat, installing a fan speed to slow down the fan speed is required. 
  • Keep line sets as short as possible. 
  • A pump controls the system’s down-control process. There is no control wiring between the thermostat and condensing unit. 
  • The drain line must always flow downhill to drain or pump. 
  • Standard line sets should be 50 feet or less. Extended runs may require larger line sizes. 3 oz. oil should be added for every 10′ over 35′. 
  • The line connections at the fan coil and condensing unit may not be the same as the required line sizes. 
  • An excessive number of turns will cause refrigerant flow problems. This action can cause early compressor failure. We recommend suction line accumulators. They are required accessories if the wine cellar is working lower than the standard 55-65° operating range from the wine cellar. 
Fan Coil Wiring Diagram Vertical Rack Mount Series Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Single Evaporator

Fan Coil Wiring Diagram Vertical Rack Mount Series Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Single Evaporator

Field Wiring 

L1   115V Line Voltage 

N    Neutral 

SV   Solenoid Valve 

FM  Fan Motor 

TP   Temperature Probe 

Back of Controller Connections 

10 Temperature Probe 

11  Temperature Probe 

4   Neutral 

5    115V Line Voltage 

2   Jumper from 5 

3   Switch Leg to Fan Coil 

C NO  Internal normally open contact 

Our HVAC Specialist in Los Angeles Will Safeguard Your Wine Collection with a VHS Wine Cellar Cooling System   

M&M Cellar Systems is a trusted HVAC expert who will help choose the best wine cooling solution for your needs.  We want you to experience the benefits that the VHS Series wine refrigeration systems have to offer.   

If you need help in selecting the best wine cooling unit for your wine cellar or in fixing a dysfunctional refrigeration system, do not hesitate to call us today at +1 (323) 578-3330!