The SC Pro Series Wine Cellar Cooling System by WhisperKOOL is Engineered for Maximum Efficiency

The wine cooling system is a crucial component in wine cellar construction. Make sure that the type and brand of refrigeration unit installed in your wine room was chosen by an HVAC expert. At M&M Cellars, we offer commercial-grade wine cooling systems from top-notch manufacturers. One of them is WhisperKOOL, which continues to improve its products to provide the best cooling solutions for private wine collectors and owners of wine businesses. Let us learn more about their SC (Self-Contained) Pro Series and why we recommend it.     

SC Pro Series Wine Cellar Cooling Systems by WhisperKOOL: What You Must Know 

M&M Cellar Systems recommends wine cellar cooling units from reliable supplies like WhisperKOOL. For many years, we have been using their products, and they did not fail us. One of their popular models of refrigeration systems is the SC Pro Series.  

Initially, WhisperKOOL had the XLT Series, which they discontinued not because of its poor performance. It is known for its power and affordability, but WhisperKOOL decided to redesign it and improve its functionality, components, and features using innovative technology at a competitive price. Its placement is called the SC (Self-Contained) Series wine cellar cooling systems.  

Functional Features and Benefits  

There are various reasons why we recommend WhisperKOOL’s SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling systems for residential and commercial applications. They are ideal for small to mid-size wine cellars.  

1. New Blower Fan System for a More Powerful Airflow  

One of the advantages of SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling systems is its new blower fan system that creates a more energetic airflow. The fans are mounted at an angle of 45 degrees upward, allowing for a greater distribution of the air inside the wine room. It will ensure that the air is distributed evenly throughout the wine cellar and minimizes noise production.  

2. Installation Flexibility  

The SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling units are equipped with a new fan blower system and condensate evaporator.

The installation option for the SC Pro Series allows the condensing unit to be flushed to the wall or to be mounted and extended into the venting room by five inches. With this option, the fan side of the cooling unit will be able to dissipate heat more effectively by locating it far from the evaporator. It helps maximize performance and circulate airflow better.    

3. Larger and Thicker Coils  

The SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling units are equipped with larger and thicker coils. This feature allows a more effective heat dissipation on the condenser side of the system. Keep in mind that inadequate ventilation often leads to poor cooling performance. The oversized coils are a significant improvement in the overall design of the SC Pro Series refrigeration systems. 

4. Upgraded ICU (Intelligent Control Unit) 

Another significant advancement in the design of the SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling systems is the upgraded Intelligent Control Unit. The XLT Series had the PDT series control unit.  

The function of the new ICU is to continuously check the performance of the wine cooling unit. It makes necessary adjustments when the condenser coil is clogged and other adverse conditions that may occur. It prevents the risk of damage, ensuring that the unit operates effectively. When the system senses a problem, the alarm function will produce a sound, and the user-friendly keypad will show a specific code linked to fixing the issue.    

5. Condensate Management System  

The SC Pro Series produces up to 3 ounces of condensate every 60 minutes. WhisperKOOL included a condensate evaporator so the owners can manage the condensate. It is a heating element that evaporates the condensate accumulated in the wine cooling system.  

They also created a backup system to the condensate evaporator, which they call a drain line tube. Using it will prevent leakage and overflow caused by extreme humidity in some areas. 

6. Liquid Temperature Liquid Thermostat 

The SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling systems, as well as all of WhisperKOOL’s refrigeration units, are equipped with a bottle probe or liquid-measuring thermostat system. It comes with a sensor chip that tells the thermostat about the consistent and accurate setting needed to achieve the ideal wine temperature. When the wine temperature goes high to a certain level, the wine cellar cooling unit will be turned on or adjusted.  

7. Smart Metering Expansion Valve  

WhisperKOOL’s SC Pro Series also has a smart-metering TXV valve, which manages the refrigeration flow through the system to ensure maximum performance. It is not recommended for outdoor installations because the condensate intake should be 85 degrees Fahrenheit or below to keep the temperature at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.  

8. Improved Appearance and Protection 

Compared to its older version, the XLT Series, the SC Pro Series has a more elegant look. For improved structural integrity and longevity of the chassis, WhisperKOOL used a durable and tough coating inside and outside of the units.   

Other Benefits of Using the SC Pro Series Wine Cellar Cooling System  

M&M Cellar Systems Offers WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling units are engineered to offer a quiet operation. They also have coated evaporator coils digital controller on the face of the unit, a front or rear power option, and a single-piece mounting bracket  

Models of the SC Pro Series Wine refrigeration Systems   

  • SC Pro 8000 
  • SC Pro 4000 
  • SC Pro 3000 
  • SC Pro 2000 

Let Us Provide Your Wine Cellar Cooling Needs. Use a WhisperKOOL SC Pro Series Unit for Your Project! 

If you are looking for a reliable and elegant wine refrigeration system for your residential or commercial wine cellar, we will help you! At M&M Cellar Systems, we recommend WhisperKOOL’s SC Pro Series wine cellar cooling units.   

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