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Glass Wine Cellar Los Angeles

One of the more luxurious ways to showcase your wine collection is by storing them in a glass wine cellar. M&M Cellar Systems works with top-notch builders in creating refrigerated wine cellars with a luxurious appeal. We are proud to be part of a home wine cellar project in California where we had to overcome a challenge in installing the refrigeration system.   

Installation of Wine Cooling Unit in a Luxurious Glass Wine Cellar   

At M&M Cellar Systems, our team is composed of knowledgeable HVAC technicians. We have been helping builders and contractors in their wine cellar construction projects. One of our partners chose us to install a wine refrigeration system in a wine room they built in California. 

The walk-in wine room is the centerpiece of the home. We made sure that it also functions as a safe wine storage facility for the client’s wine collection. 

Refrigerated Glass Wine Cellar: How it Will Benefit You   

Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar with Wood Wine Racks

Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar with Wood Wine Racks

Glass is an essential element in designing contemporary interiors. There is an increasing demand for minimalist design. What are the benefits you can get when you go for a glass wine cellar?   

Increases Your Home’s Aesthetic Value  

A glass wine cellar is a beautiful addition to one’s home. When designed and built by a professional, it can transform your space into a masterpiece. When you sell your home in the future, a wine room can increase its resale value and easily attract potential buyers.  

Creates a Conversation Piece in Your Home  

If you have a glass wine cellar in your home, it will surely be the center of attention, regardless of its location. If you love to host wine-tasting parties or entertain friends, this type of wine cellar is perfect for you. Imagine having fun with your guests in your living room or dining room, where they can view your prized wines through the glass walls and door of your wine cellar. 

If space is not a problem, you can opt for an aquarium-like wine display enclosed in seamless glass on all sides. In this particular project in Calabasas, California, the wall facing the hallway that leads to the entertainment room is made of glass.     

Preserves the Quality of Your Wines for Many Years to Come  

Another benefit of investing in a refrigerated glass wine cellar built by a master builder is proper wine storage. Storing wines in a place where the temperatures and humidity levels are unstable will deteriorate wine quickly. At M&M Cellar Systems, we offer innovative wine cooling solutions that will cater to the needs of every client.    

Considerations and Challenges in Installing a Wine Cooling Unit in a Glass Wine Cellar 

Wine Cooling Unit Installation in Los Angeles Home Wine Cellar

Wine Cooling Unit Installation Glass Wine Cellar Los Angeles

At M&M Cellar Systems, our team always wants to ensure that every climate control system is chosen and installed correctly. When choosing a wine cooling unit, we perform a heat load calculation to determine the BTUs required in the wine room and determine the ideal size of the equipment. One of the factors that affect the result is the amount of glass in the wine cellar. 

After calculating the heat load, we agreed with the client to use a split-type wine cooling unit, which is the RM (Rack Mount) Series 4600. It is a compact unit, allowing for installation flexibility.  

It is designed to mount horizontally and be hidden from view. In this project, we recessed the equipment into the ceiling and concealed it in a louvered grill. Since it is out of sight and does not take up racking or wall space, this installation increased the bottle capacity of the glass wine cellar.   

With a range of 1,800 to 6,600 BTU cooling per hour, this commercial-grade wine refrigeration unit was perfect for creating the optimum wine storage conditions.   

The main challenge in this project was the location of the wine room, which is at the center of the house. There were no exterior walls where the line sets could be run to the outdoors. We wanted to minimize wall demolitions and drilling.  

We found a way to reduce work and intrusion in the home. We used the space between the ceiling and the second floor to hide the pipes. We just had to drill two small holes to install the pipes. Instead of intruding into a nearby room, we placed the condenser outside the house so as not to affect the cur appeal of the home.  

We installed two lines (liquid line and suction line) to connect the evaporator and condensing unit. The liquid line connects to the evaporator inside the glass wine cellar. Its function is to carry the hot liquid to the evaporator coil. A liquid refrigerant is sprayed in while the liquid is moving towards the coil. Once it reaches the evaporator coil, it needs to boil, causing the refrigerant to become vapor, absorb the heat in the wine cellar, and cool the wine room.  

The cold air is distributed throughout the glass wine cellar. It is then directed into the condensing unit and expelled outdoors through the suction line. We insulated the suction line to prevent condensation build-up in the walls.   

Let Us Build a Glass Home Wine Cellar with Our Experts  

At M&M Cellar Systems, we have proven our reliability in providing wine cellar cooling solutions to clients in California and the nearby areas. In this glass wine cellar in Calabasas, we installed an efficient wine cooling unit without compromising the visual appeal of the home.   

We offer commercial-grade wine refrigeration systems from trusted manufacturers. For many years, we have been providing professional HVAC refrigeration and heating installation services.   

Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations. It is why we always provide excellent products and services. If you are looking for HVAC experts who are skilled and trained at rendering exceptions service for every customer, please call us at +1 (323) 578-3330.