From the makers of quality and top notch wine cellar cooling units that are favored by most wine cellar owners nationwide for more than three decades, WhisperKOOL has, once again, created another superior and one of a kind wine cellar cooling system, the WhisperKOOL SC Pro . Researched and made from countless of customer feedbacks and testimonies, this new cooling system from WhisperKOOL offers only the best in wine cellar cooling. 

What is New with the WhisperKOOL SC Pro? 

WhisperKOOL SC Pro Series

SC Pro Series manufactured by WhisperKOOL

As a unit developed from the feedback of customers and installers, the new WhisperKOOL SC Pro is equipped with a combination of different state of the art technologies to create a wine cellar cooling unit that is unrivaled in cooling small to mid-sized wine cellars.  

First on the list of amazing features the new SC Pro is packed with is the revamped fan system that efficiently pushes conditioned air around the room. This feature, in return, creates a more balanced and even distribution of air inside your wine cellar. This powerful airflow is made possible by replacing axial fans with advanced blower fans— another first from WhisperKOOL. Wine cellar owners don’t have to worry about the noise because the revolutionary fan blower system allows for a much quieter operation making your wine cellar noise free, perfect for that unparalleled ambiance. 

Another exciting new feature which can be found in the SC Pro series is the Advanced Condensate Management System. The condensate evaporator is a heating element that is designed to eliminate the condensate which accumulates in the cooling system as a by-product of the refrigeration cycle. The advanced technology which is utilized in the SC Pro optimizes the unit’s performance by effectively evaporating three (3) ounces of condensate per hour of operation. This means that the reliance on the system’s drain is eliminated. 

An upgraded “smart” TXV refrigeration metering device is also installed in the all new SC Pro. This upgrade allows for a more efficient refrigerant management for the metering device can manage the refrigerant by itself. 

WhisperKOOL Exclusive Features also Found in the SC Pro Series 

The SC Pro Series, along with every other WhisperKOOL cooling units, doesn’t fall short in accurately measuring the temperature of your wines in the cellar and that is thanks to a liquid temperature measuring probe. This feature is a more direct and accurate way of measuring the temperature of the wines instead of the ambient cellar air. WhisperKOOL’s self-calibrating bottle probe is equipped with a sensor chip that communicates back and forth with the thermostat resulting in a more precise temperature reading.  

WhisperKOOL SC Pro Bottle Probe

Bottle Probe feature of the SC Pro Series

Also, thanks to an advanced digital controller, wine cellar owners will not have a hard time monitoring the temperature and the overall ambience of their wine cellars. Strategically located in front of the unit, this user-friendly and easy to navigate digital controller is equipped with WhisperKOOL’s “Advanced System Protection”, a function that sets off an alarm to alert wine cellar owners if certain parameters are not met within their wine cellars. So, whether you are sleeping soundly at night or enjoying some leisure time in other spaces of your home, you can put your mind at ease knowing your prized wine collection are stored in the best conditions inside your wine cellar.  

“Advance Product Safety Technology” is another feature incorporated in the SC Pro Series. This feature ensures that in the event of a cooling deficiency, the heat from the indoor fan will not raise the temperature of the wine cellar, which could otherwise have an adverse effect on the wine-aging process— a standard feature which can be found in every WhisperKOOL unit. 

Installation of WhisperKOOL SC Pro Series 

Efficient wine cellar cooling system by WhisperKOOL

Front view of the WhisperKOOL SC Pro

Despite the single-piece mounting bracket the WhisperKOOL SC Pro offers, it is still highly recommended to obtain the assistance of a HVAC Specialist and wine storage professionals. Critical factors must be well attended to for any cooling unit to function properly and improper installation could cause further damage to your home and to your prized wine collection. 

Why Choose WhisperKOOL Cooling Units? 

Backed with more than thirty years of experience in the wine cellar cooling industry, WhisperKOOL continue to revolutionize and shape the wine cellar cooling scene. With a commitment of only producing quality and high-end cooling units with the latest state of the art technologies, every wine cellar owner will surely say they made the right choice in choosing WhisperKOOL for their cooling needs. With more than five hundred thousand cellars kept “KOOL”, you too should get your own WhisperKOOL cooling unit, even better if you get their latest SC Pro Series! 

The Best Team of Experts to Install Your All New WhisperKOOL Cooling Unit 

Want to have your very own WhisperKOOL SC Pro professionally installed for your wine cellar? Are you a wine cellar owner looking for a team of wine cellar experts to boost the functionality of your wine room? Look no further! Our experts are here at your service. If you are interested with any of WhisperKOOL’s products, we are the right team for you. We have worked with WhisperKOOL in our projects and our clients are just delighted with how remarkable their cooling unit performs. We always tell our clients that investing in the right cooling unit will do magic for their wine cellars and choosing WhisperKOOL will be a decision they surely will not regret. If you want to learn more about the best WhisperKOOL unit for you or if you have inquiries about wine cellar refrigeration, you can reach us at +1 (323) 578-3330. Call now and let a professional help you in your wine cellar needs!