In this wine cellar service call project in Irvine Orange County California, we take a look at a not so common problem, where we have a significant refrigerant leak. We show the nature of the leak and what we do to fix it.

Part One Introduction – Service Call to Repair a Wine Cellar Cooling System in Irvine, Orange County

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Irvine Orange County Service Call – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part One

Some owners of residential or commercial establishments assume that nothing’s wrong with their unit until they found out that it is already leaking.  There are many signs that you should look out for to check if your unit requires maintenance.

Failure to maintain the ideal storage conditions in your wine room can be detrimental to wine. This is why an efficient climate-control system must be installed, in addition to correct type of insulation, door, flooring, and lighting.

However, wine storage problems will occur if you don’t maintain your wine refrigeration unit regularly. Regular maintenance will help detect unwanted leaks or damages. It also helps check the efficiency of the cooling unit.

In Irvine, Orange County, California, a homeowner made a service call to repair a leaking wine cellar cooling unit.

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Part Two – How to Detect Freon Leaking from Your Wine Cellar Cooling System 

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Service Call – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part Two
The cooling unit is a very important component of a wine room. After the construction of your wine cellar, it is of utmost importance that you preserve its functionality by ensuring that your wine cooling unit is maintained regularly. Finding out later that your wine cellar refrigeration system is leaking will cause serious damage and a significant expense in the future.

In Irvine, Orange County, a homeowner contacted M&M Cellar Systems to request for wine cellar cooling unit maintenance. We had to diagnose and repair the leaking refrigeration system.

There are different methods in detecting Freon leaks in wine cooling units: Ultraviolet Light Method, Freon Electronic Leak Detection Method, and Bubble Leak Method. On this project, we used the UV Light Leak Detection Method to locate the leak.

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Part Three – Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Leak Sealed by Expert HVAC Team

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Service Call M&M Los Angeles – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part Three
A refrigerant is required in order for the wine cooling system to function properly. Freon is the name of chemicals that are used as refrigerant. Without it, cool air will not be created in wine cellars. If there’s Freon leak, the cooling unit will stop functioning.

A residential owner in Orange County, California, made a service call to M&M Cellar System to ask help for fixing a leaking wine cellar cooling unit. If not repaired quickly, the refrigeration unit would not be efficient enough to cool the room. The client’s wine cellar could not maintain the optimum conditions required for proper wine aging.

Our HVAC team found out that the leak, which was a porous type of leak, was inside the refrigeration unit.

Find out the method that we used to stop the leak of the wine cellar cooling unit of a client in Irvine Orange, County California.

Part Four – How to Replace Cooling Unit Refrigerant

Custom Wine Cellar Refrigeration Los Angeles – Service Call Refrigerant Leak – Part Four

Prompt repair of a leaking wine refrigeration unit will prevent serious damage of the equipment, wine storage problems, and significant expense in the future. M&M Cellar Systems, one of the top-notch refrigeration specialists, has solved many leak problems.

A homeowner in Irvine, Orange County, California, contacted us to report a leaking wine cellar cooling unit. After a careful assessment of the problem, our HVAC team was able to locate the leak.

Usually, there is no need to replace the wine cooling refrigerant due to leakage. However, on this project, replacement was required because the Freon was recycled and drained out.

Learn how M&M Cellar Systems located the leak and why they needed to replace the refrigerant.