Wall Mount Wine Cellar Cooling System Los Angeles

Wall Mount Wine Cellar Cooling System by US Cellar Systems

If you are looking for a wine refrigeration system designed with superior performance, is easy to install and does not require an exhaust room, US Cellar Systems’ WM Series wine cooling unit is the ideal choice. Learn more about its features. 

Wall Mount (WM) Series Wine Cooling Systems Offer Cooling Efficiency and Many More Advanatages 

All of US Cellar Systems products are efficient and reliable. M&M Cellar Systems has been using their products for many years. Clients have reported their positive experience with the Wall Mount (WM) Series wine cooling unit. 

Standard WM Series systems operate on R134a refrigerant and use premium air-cooled condensing units. With size ranging from 1,800 to 4,600 Btu of cooling per hour, each wine cellar refrigeration unit is intended to provide superior cooling efficiency to custom wine cellars in Los Angeles. 

Unique Design and Ease of Installation: Features that Most Wine Cellar Owners Look for in a Wine Cellar Cooling System in Los Angeles  

Engineered with a stylish designUS Cellar Systems’ Wall Mount wine cooling unit will not affect the visual appeal of your wine racks. The installation of this type of wine refrigeration system is like a through-the-wall wine cooling unit, which can be mounted between standard wall studs. An exhaust room for heat dissipation is not required. The design and size of the unit make installation clean and simple.     

If you are utilizing an irregular-shaped room such as under your staircase, the WM wine cooling system is the perfect option. Another feature of the unit is the digital thermostat and temperature sensor.  

Features of Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 

  • Rust-proof aluminum housing is insulated 
  • Permanently lubricated motor is thermally protected 
  • Factory installed Automatic Expansion valve ensures constant coil temperature to promote “Humidity Balance” 
  • Factory installed Pump-down solenoid valve (standard) protects compressor 
  • Factory installed Pre-programmed digital thermostat and temperature sensor 
  • All units are pressure tested by the manufacturer to ensure quality 
  • Factory wired for simple field installation 
  • ETL certified 

Available Options for Wine Cellar Cooling Units 

  • Additional condensing units can be added for a security redundancy up to 100%. 
  • You can increase the capacity of your WM wine cooling unit by adding 1 to 2 coils.  
  • Water cooled condensing units available for all sizes. 
  • Extreme High or Low Ambient precautions available. 
  • Standard Aluminum housing can be “polished. 
  • Stainless Steel housing for highly corrosive environments. 

Are You a Contractor, Builder, or a Wine Lover in Los Angeles Who Needs Reliable Wine Cooling Units?

M&M Cellar Systems offers different types and bands of wine refrigeration systems. Choose one of our US Cellar Systems products, which can be customized to meet your specific needs. 

If you need help in choosing the right model for your wine cellar or have questions about wine refrigeration units, talk to one of our HVAV experts at (323)578-3330!