Wine Cellar Cooling Los Angeles has worked with top-notch builders of residential wine cellars.

Residential wine cellars are increasing in demand among wine collectors in California. A wine cellar designed by an expert can be a unique feature of one’s home. However, you must work with a refrigerated expert to ensure that your wine room will work efficiently. At M&M Cellars Systems, a member of Wine Cellar Designers Group, we work with top-notch builders in providing wine cooling solutions for home wine cellars.  

M&M Cellar Systems Provides Innovative Wine Cooling Solutions for Residential Wine Cellars  

With many years of experience in HVAC refrigeration and repair, M&M Cellar Systems has been a part of many projects in California. We are proud of what we have accomplished.  

Providing innovative wine cooling solutions for residential wine cellars is our passion and expertise. Our team is composed of trained and licensed HVAC technicians who are happy to serve you! We install different brands of wine refrigeration systems, including US Cellar Systems, WhisperKOOL, Wine Guardian, and CellarPro. Learn more about some of the projects we completed.  

Residential Wine Cellar in Bel Air, Los Angeles  

One of the Most Stylish Residential Wine Cellars in Bel Air Estates located in Westside, Los Angeles

Our team at M&M Cellar Systems was contacted by one of our partners in wine cellar construction. They needed help installing the wine cooling unit for a wine room they built in Bel Air Estates located in Westside, Los Angeles.  

For this project, the wine room measures 10 feet x 10 feet x 8 feet. We made a thorough assessment to help us determine the right size and type of cooling unit.   

We decided to install two Rack Mounted (RM) 4600 wine refrigeration systems provided by US Cellar Systems. These high-grade wine cooling units were the ideal choice for this large wine cellar. They have a cooling capacity of up to 1,000 cubic feet and are equipped with multiple access panels that allow efficient airflow. They come with insulated and rustproof aluminum housing.    

The RM 4600 model is a split wine cooling system, requiring the evaporator and condensing unit to be installed separately. The advantage of this is it allows the evaporator to be placed above the ceiling or behind the walls so it can be hidden from view.  

The noisier component, which is the condenser, can be placed outdoors, allowing for a quiet operation. Please take note that a split system can be ducted or ductless. A ducted split system introduces cool air into the wine room and dissipates heat outdoors using air ducts. With a ductless split system, we use copper tubing and electrical wiring to connect the condenser and evaporator.      

In this beautiful residential wine cellar, we placed the two condensing units in the ceiling. We concealed them in a wooden grill cover. We installed a 50-foot line set to connect the condensers and evaporators. The condenser was placed in a mechanical room located on the side of the house.  

Wine Refrigeration System Installation in Beverly Hills, Orange County 

Residential Wine Cellars Project with an SLD Wine Cooling System

Vintage Cellars, one of our dealers in wine cellar construction, sought our help in one of the residential wine cellars they built in Bel Air Estates located in Westside, Los Angeleserly Hills, Orange County. We have been working with them for many years now.  

In this particular project, we utilized an SLD split wine refrigeration system. Its versatility, design flexibility, and features make it the ideal choice for this home wine cellar. Initially, a High Static wine cooling unit was the option that would be installed in the attic. However, the attic did not have enough space for the equipment, making us switch to another type of climate control system. 

The SLD wine cooling unit is recommended for wine rooms with medium to high temperatures. We installed it horizontally and concealed it in a louvered grill made from the same material as the racking. It is a low-profile cooling unit that uses an R-22 refrigerant, has a standard thermostat, indoor controls, and line set kit. Its capacity is 2,000 cubic feet. The SLD refrigeration system also offers a quiet operation and maximum cooling efficiency.  

Wine Cellar Cooling Project in Newport Beach, California  

Traditional residential wine cellar designed by Los Angeles experts

M&M Cellar Systems also completed a wine cooling installation project in a home wine cellar in Newport Beach, California, with Vintage Cellars. After knowing the requirements for this wine room, we chose a fully ducted wine refrigeration system from US Cellar Systems. The High Static 3600 model is a ducted system. It allowed our team to install the coil in the mechanical room, and the condenser and compressor were fitted onto the roof.  We did not make any major modifications to the roof.  

We placed the return and supply register for the proper circulation of the cold air inside the wine cellar. The High Static unit included an HS 3600 Air Handler, a digital controller, and a condenser.  

The installation took us about three days to complete. The ducting needed was 15 feet for the return and 10 feet for the supply. For the line set, we needed about 30 feet.  

Home Wine Cellar Cooling Installation in Calabasas 

The owners of the home in Calabasas, Los Angeles, contacted us because they needed help with their wine cooling project. We had to install the unit without any disruption. The client did not want any wires and equipment visible inside their wine cellar. We agreed to install a split wine refrigeration unit from US Cellar Systems.  

In this case, we recessed the RM 4600 wine cooling system horizontally in the ceiling because the client did not want any visible equipment inside the wine room. We concealed it in a louvered grill cover. The unit features access panels that aid in regulating the conditions as needed. These panels are removable for ease in cleaning and allow redirection of airflow.  

We used a line set to connect the condensing unit and evaporator. Since the conduit has a small diameter, it can be easily concealed from view. We mounted it onto the surface where the crown molding was removed. We put back the molding to hide the line set. The condensing unit was placed outdoors and protected by a covering.  

Work with Our Experts in Cooling Residential Wine Cellars  

M&M Cellar Systems is composed of experts in HVAC refrigeration and repair. We have completed wine cooling projects for residential wine cellars together with top-notch builders in California.   

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