Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Project Completed by Los Angeles Experts

Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Project Completed by Los Angeles Experts

It is crucial to protect your wine collection from environmental factors such as heat and light. In one of our home wine cellar refrigeration projects, we installed a commercial-grade wine cooling system from US Cellar Systems. Learn more about the overall design and installation of this beautiful wine room.  

Understanding the Vital Role of a Wine Refrigeration System in Your Home Wine Cellar  

Heat is the number one enemy of wine, and it can damage your wines significantly when not regulated. If you are planning to grow your collection and want to store them for years, investing in a home wine cellar installed with a reliable wine refrigeration system is a wise decision.    

Keep in mind that wine requires a stable environment to preserve its desirable characteristics. Too much heat exposure will alter its chemical composition and cause unpleasant tastes and flavors.  

At M&M Cellar Systems, we have been providing innovative wine cooling solutions for many years. Our primary goal is to create wine storage facilities designed for long-term storage. To achieve this, we use high-grade climate control systems and install them correctly. Let us know all your requirements so we can create a well-thought-out plan. 

Vintage Cellars, one of our partners in wine cellar construction, built a beautiful home wine cellar where they incorporated stylish features. They contacted us to install the wine cooling system. 

Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration: How Our Experts Did it 

We are composed of HVAC specialists who have extensive knowledge in HVAC refrigeration and installation. In this particular project, and in every project that we do, we always make sure that the correct size and type of wine cooling unit is chosen.  

To help us determine the correct size of the wine cellar refrigeration system, we had to find out the BTUs required for the wine room. We performed a heat load calculation, considering the following factors: 

  • Amount of glass to be installed in the wine room (windows, doors) 
  • Size and location of the wine cellar  
  • Availability of an exhaust room for heat dissipation.  

Keep in mind that installing a climate control system that is too small for the wine cellar will cause the temperatures to go above the normal range (55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit) and accelerate wine aging. When this happens, the wines will have unpleasant tastes and aromas.  

On the other hand, when you install a cooling unit that is larger than the needed capacity for your wine room, the aging of your wines will slow down. If your wine cellar gets too cold for an extended period, your wine will expand as it freezes. It will put pressure on the corks, causing them to be pushed out of the bottles, and cause wine oxidation. It can also crack the bottles.    

When choosing a wine cooling unit, never compromise quality over price. With so many refrigeration systems available on the market, it is easy to make a mistake. Therefore, it is crucial to consult an HVAC specialist when purchasing your unit.  

The Ideal Brand and Type of Wine Refrigeration System for this Home wine cellar  

The Wine Cellar Cooling System in this Los Angeles Home was Provided by US Cellar Systems

The Wine Cellar Cooling System in this Los Angeles Home was Provided by US Cellar Systems

In this particular project, we decided to install a wine refrigeration system from US Cellar Systems. This company has been supplying us with high-grade and cost-efficient wine cooling units for many years.   

We utilized two RM4600 wine cooling units to maximize the cooling efficiency of this large home wine cellar. They are engineered to cool wine cellars up to 1,000 cubic feet.  

The RM4600 model is a split system, which means the evaporator and condenser are placed in a separate location.  

We installed the evaporators inside the wine room. We mounted them on the ceiling and hid them from view using custom grill covers made from Redwood. The condensing units were placed in a mechanical room on the side of the housepromoting a quiet operation.  

Split systems can be ducted or ductless. Since the wine refrigeration units used in this project are ductless, we had to install a 50-foot line set to connect the evaporators and condensers, unlike ducted systems, which use air ducts to direct cold air into the wine cellar and dissipate heat to the outdoors.  

Other features and benefits of the RM4600 wine cooling units by US Cellar Systems are:  

  • East to install 
  • Quiet operation  
  • Multiple access panels for proper redirection of airflow  
  • Rustproof aluminum housing (a feature that increases the lifespan of your wine refrigeration unit by protecting it from a highly corrosive environment like in climate-controlled home wine cellars) 

The homeowners were impressed by how we installed and concealed the wine cooling units. 

Designing Custom Wine Racks for a Home Wine Cellar Equipped with a Reliable Refrigeration System 

In addition to maximizing the cooling efficiency of a wine cellar, it is also vital to design the wine racks with form and function in mind. In this home wine cellar refrigeration project, the wine racks were designed and manufactured by Vintage Cellars, a professional wine room builder.   

Elegant Features of the Wine Racks  

Door and Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Project Los Angeles

Door and Wine Cellar Refrigeration Installation Project Los Angeles

Vintage Cellars created a focal point at the waterfall wine racks that descends from one of the walls towards the center of the wine room. It exhibits a cascading display of the wines with a label forward orientation. They added bottle openings on both sides of the racking and a 3-level half-round table at the end of the waterfall wine rack to increase the storage capacity of the wine cellar. 

You can see an arched opening with a tabletop intended for decanting and serving wines. Other racking styles incorporated into the design are high-revel display rows, individual wine racks, case storage bins, and a quarter-round display rack.  

Functional Wine Cellar Door  

A refrigerated wine cellar should be designed to keep the cold air inside, avoiding air leakage. The door plays a significant role in creating an airtight seal in the wine room.  

Master builders like Vintage Cellars use exterior grade doors to withstand the highly humid conditions in refrigerated wine cellars. In this project, they installed an arched glass door, providing a clear view of the client’s wine collection from the outside.   

 They used thermally insulated, dual-paned glass to improve insulation and prevent moisture build-up that can trigger mold growth 

Work with a Home Wine Cellar Refrigeration Expert 

Investing in a home wine cellar is a smart idea if you are planning to store wines for many years. Wine needs a stable environment to preserve its desirable characteristics. At M&M Cellar Systems, we team up with experts like Vintage Cellars to provide the perfect wine refrigeration solutions to serious win collectors 

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