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Ideal Wine Storage

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Wine Cellar Cooling Units in Corona Del Mar

Written by

Wine cellar cooling units must always be functioning properly, so that your wine collection is not at risk of spoiling. Regular maintenance is necessary to make sure that your wine cellar refrigeration system is constantly providing your wines with the climate conditions that they need. This service call to fix a wine cellar cooling system […]

Through the Wall Wine Cellar Cooling System (WhisperKOOL)

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Los Angeles – Types to Choose From

Written by

Wine cellar refrigeration systems may be simple or complex, forced air or split-type, and affordable or expensive.  These units vary significantly on the amount of noise produced (decibel level), how they vent, installation method, and lifespan. Generally, there are three main types of wine cellar refrigeration: Forced Air One of the three general types of wine cellar refrigeration systems Los Angeles is the forced air type, also known as […]